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“BB Monster” fights No-Gi at American Nationals

Fast paced and relentless in his guard passing, Valdir Araujo in Las Vegas.

Train MMA with “BB Monster”

Come train with a professional MMA fighter.

More of “BB Monster” at American Nationals – NoGi

Valdir Araujo is a judo black belt, jiujitsu black belt, and MMA professional fighter and former “TUF” participant.

BB Monster – Fight 1 – NoGi – American Nationals

A judo and jiujitsu blackbelt as well as a professional MMA fighter, Valdir Araujo always gives the crowd a good fight.

“Jiu-jitsu Virus”

Documentary, produced by Habib Naghmouchin, features an inspiring interview with Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu, where he shares part of his 15-year journey, from when he started his first academy all the way to the opening of his grand new gym in Miami on October, 2017.


Mat Chat – Be a Black Belt in Life

Master Cyborg gets emotional talking about the importance of being a black belt on and off the mat.

Watch this inspirational Mat Chat that took place in Poland on July 2017, during one of Master Cyborg’s seminar tours.

Roll with Vagner Rocha and “BB Monster”

Two jiujitsu champions, true martial artists and MMA professionals, go at it for our enjoyment during one of our pro-training sessions.

Always an action packed roll with these two.

Take downs with “BB Monster”

Behind the scenes look at Valdir Araujo’s camp in preparation for a professional MMA fight.

Watch out for some serious take downs in this video.

Black Belt Vibes

Some of our black belts having fun on graduation day.

Fight Sports Anthem

It was tradition for jiujitsu teams back in Brazil to have an anthem that they would chant during competition.

Here is a video of our team’s anthem.

“Vocês que são frangos e não levam Fé , vem para a Fight Sports para ver como é que é , família unida , nós somos irmãos , Guerreiros da Nova Geração, Muro de concreto vou te derrubar é FIGHT SPORTS PAU VAI QUEBRAR.”

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